Changes in the electric industry call for leading brands like Bridgeport to meet rising demands. Distributors and tradesmen can feel certain that Bridgeport, with NSI support, has the resources to help them succeed.

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Since our founding in 1925, the Bridgeport brand has led the industry with US-made die cast zinc fittings following our founding principles of innovation, quality, outstanding service and rapid delivery, principles we maintain as part of the NSI brand family. Our experienced team offers the customer service and guidance you need to stock the professional choice. Bridgeport offers a full range of fittings for all conduit and cable systems, for applications ranging from traditional residential, commercial and industrial systems to rooftop and farm solar, prefab and exposed location. Carry everything an installer needs from line to load, all from one legacy supplier. When you need a solution you can depend on, look for Bridgeport Orange, from NSI.

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First-class products are just the beginning. Expert technical support insures problem-solving and installation efficiency.

From solar to liquid-tight conduit fittings, Bridgeport has more quality electrical fittings for more efficient jobs.

Our support team of licensed electricians provides on-site training or quick-response phone guidance and problem solving.

A third generation, American-made supplier of choice for distributors and tradesmen.

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