Since 1925, Bridgeport has led the industry with US-made fittings, built from our principles of innovation, quality, outstanding service and rapid delivery, a tradition we maintain as part of the NSI brand family.

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We offer a full range of fittings for all conduit and cable systems, for applications ranging from traditional residential, commercial and industrial systems to rooftop and farm solar, prefab and exposed location. We design every product to guarantee trouble-free installation that keeps contractors satisfied. Our fittings cover everything your customers need, from line to load. Look for Bridgeport Orange from NSI today.

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The founding principles of Bridgeport have guided us since our founding in 1925—a relentless focus on product innovation, a high standard of quality, outstanding customer service and a promise of rapid delivery. Download our brochure to learn how your success is built into our DNA.

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Cable Products

No one knows cable and conduit fittings like Bridgeport. Ever since distinguishing ourselves as the legacy innovator in locknut connectors, Bridgeport has supplied professional installers with a range of industry-leading cable products to tackle any installation.

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Solar Products

Bridgeport leads the way into the future with the best connections under the sun. Our broad line of fittings suitable for solar installations include split grounding bushings, raintight sealing locknuts, threaded conduit bodies and extra-long connectors for thicker enclosures.

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Transition Fittings

For dry or wet locations and for any style of cable, Bridgeport has the transition fittings you need. We carry fittings for every conceivable transition, including liquid tight to Rigid/IMC, EMT to MC, Rigid to Duplex JMC/TECK and many more.

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Exposed Locations

Tough places demand rugged products. For durable connections exposed to the elements, choose Bridgeport Orange and install our grounding and bonding hubs, ground rod bridge clamps, transition couplings, raintight reducing washers and more.

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Prefab Products

Installers work faster and maintain a high standard of quality when using prefabrication product from Bridgeport to manage multiple MC cables, provide accessible intersystem grounding, transition from wall to overhead lighting or protect NM cables.

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Traditional, Industry-Leading Fittings

When contractors need professional fittings, they look for the proven name and recognizable Orange of Bridgeport. Our comprehensive product selection includes all of the traditional varieties of fittings, each one built to our high standards of quality.

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