Replacement Cable Port Cone for Connector, 350 MCM – 12 AWG


Polaris Multi-Tap Connectors feature removable plugs to cover the cable ports. This replacement plug fits a range of ports to prevent debris, moisture and other contaminants from entering the connector.

  • Flexible Fit: This cone-style plug fits any Polaris pre-insulated connector port sized for 350 MCM to 12 AWG wires, ensuring a sealed environment for a secure connection
  • Replacement Plug: Replaces the secure plug that covers each port and adjustable set screw to prevent debris, moisture or contaminants from entering the connector
  • Pre-filled Oxide Inhibitor: All entry ports come pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor gel to prevent corrosion and provide low-contact resistance
  • Professional Performance: Seal connectors to lengthen their lifetime and to ensure the best connection possible in harsh environments

Product Information

Material Vinyl
Color Black
Pack Qty 1
UPC 662381003966
Origin Country US
Assortment Accessories Pre-Insulated Connectors



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