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The Dyna-Tite System offers a strong, safe, professional way to suspend static loads in many applications.

  • Saves installation time and requires no tools
  • Easier to customize than threaded rod
  • More accurate and lighter than jack chain
  • Less expensive than other options
  • Fully adjustable without tools or rework

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Cable Locks

The fast, reliable way to suspend static loads including fluorescent lighting, HID’s, sound systems, cable trays, signage and more. Zinc housing, stainless steel springs, a serrated steel pawl and two wire rope cable channels all outperform other suspension options.

Wire Rope Cable

Spooled Wire Rope Cable from Dyna-Tite is a key part of the suspension system, offering unmatched strength due to a braided metal rope design. Aviation-grade cable is tested to verified breaking strength standards.

Suspension Kits

Suspension Kits include a wide range of suspension styles for any application, such as Y- and single-toggle kits, looped cable kits, snap hook kits and V-clip kits. No matter your style, Dyna-Tite has your back.


Professional Dyna-Tite Cutters ensure that wire rope cable is cut cleanly, reducing any fraying or separation of the strands.

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