TORK, a pioneer in the electrical industry since 1922, offers switches, controls and timers that give you simple ways to automate your home or office.

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TORK timers are your innovative solution to automate your life, with digital and mechanical options alongside a wide range of sensors, switches, indicators and other controls. We’re been innovating for over 100 years and continue to lead the industry with our Wi-Fi line and wide range of consumer and professional products.

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Timing, sensing and signaling products define TORK, with everything from signal chimes to digital in-wall timers available from a trusted brand. Download our NSI Product Categories brochure to see the full range of TORK products.

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Product Categories

Digital Timers

TORK timers give you a simple way to control automation for your home or office. Multiple modes and professional-grade accuracy make these digital timers a versatile option for many applications.

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Mechanical Timers

Use TORK mechanical time switches to set recurring automated ON/OFF cycles for air conditioners, lights, water heaters, pumps, signs, fans and more, saving you time and effort by simplifying your life.

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Occupancy Sensors

Mount TORK occupancy sensors directly to the ceiling or electrical box to conveniently turn on lights in meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, bathrooms and storage spaces when someone enters.

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TORK photocontrol light sensors provide a simple way to automate lighting controls or appliances. Use these sensors in applications requiring an instant response to changes in ambient light level.

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Indicator Lights

Controls, dimmers, and indicator lights complete any professional or personal space. When it comes to applications requiring high visibility, it’s hard to miss a TORK warning light or signal.

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TORK transformers are designed to ensure long-term use for timers, signal bells, buzzers, chimes and other TORK products. Step down primary voltage to easily power TORK installations.

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Wi-Fi Products

TORK Wi-Fi plugs, sockets, switches and timers give you full control of your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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