24-Hour/7-Day Multipurpose Digital Timer for Indoor/Outdoor Use


TORK plug-in lighting and appliance timers give you a simple way to control automation for your home or office. Multiple modes, battery backup and professional-grade accuracy make this a versatile timer for many applications.

  • Multipurpose Timer: Automate and control a range of indoor or outdoor loads such as lights, heaters or air conditioners, water heaters, school warning signals or traffic lights
  • Easy to Use: The intuitive programming interface lets users set up to 56 different on/off times for each day of the week and set an ACTIVE/SKIP operation to cycle loads on various days
  • Designed for Convenience: Built with features such as a 7-day power outage backup, automatic daylight savings time adjustment and Noryl plastic enclosure with locking hasp
  • Save Energy and Money: Time switches save time, energy and money by providing a convenient way to turn appliances or lights on and off
  • Professional Performance: The DG180A is compatible with incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, and automatically detects voltages in the 120-277 range

Product Information

GTIN 786261822062
UPC 786261822062
EAN 786261822062
UNSPSC 39121523
Origin Country US