Din Rail, Terminal Blocks

Din Rail, Terminal Blocks, Connector Bloks™ Power Distribution Blocks

NSi Din Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks are a cost-effective and intelligent solution to connecting and terminating a wide variety of sizes and styles of wiring in a neat and professional manner. Individual blocks can easily be inserted or removed by snapping the block in place by hand. Only a screwdriver is needed for removal. The mounting rail is simply fastened by screws to the mounting surface. No special brackets or hardware are needed. The design of all component pieces such that they may be mixed in an assembly. The blocks form their own barriers. Blocks include integral mounting feet with screw slot for direct panel mounting, if desired.

12 Circuit insulated terminal blocks in differing amperages.

Each block can stand alone or combine with other blocks to form a multi-block set. Add as many holes as you need, in any configuration you want! There are no end pieces or connector pieces to fool around with. The connector body is made from high-strength, high-conductivity aluminum alloy and is mounted in a high-strength glass-filled polyester base.